Week of Apr 22-29

And so we begin the last week of our spring season. Thank you to all the parents who have made this season a success. This Saturday we face teams from Kracken Water Polo. Rosters will be circulated later this week. Schedule is as follows.

10am – Girls

11am – A Team

12pm – B Team

Thanks also to the Cattani’s for hosting an after season party this Saturday 6-8:30. Pizza and chips provided. If you have a favorite dessert, bring some to share.

As we put one season behind us, we look forward to the beginning of the fall league. Our practice schedule has not been determined, but we’ll start sometime in late June or early July. The first game will be on August 12th. The FINAL schedule of games has been loaded onto our team calendar. We have committed to field 3 coed teams and an all-girl team for the fall season. To help fill up these squads we need to recruit new players this summer. There are several ways we, as a team, can spread the word. During the summer league season we are looking to run a few introductory clinics at local pools for middle school and high school athletes. We just need to know where there is an interest and we can set up the event. So parents and athletes, please ask your summer coaches if they are willing to host a 30/60 min water polo clinic. Don’t be afraid to ask other parents “Hey, what sports do your kids do in the fall?” The best recruiting tool we have are our athletes and parents. Share your experiences with your friends.

We’ll also be circulating a new flier for the fall season as soon as we can nail down the starting date and practice days/times. We’ll ask everyone to post these at their summer pools and to post pictures of the flier on their social media accounts.

We coaches are very excited about what’s going on at our club. The growth we’ve seen these last 12 months makes all we do worth it. The future of Forsyth Water Polo is very bright, and it all starts with the effort and commitment from our water polo families. Again, thank you all for making this season a success.

See you at the pool.



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  1. Thank you for a wonderful season.
    The Water Polo Patches will be in Tomorrow if you want 1 or more please bring cash or check made out to Susan Fischer .
    They are $8.00 each


  2. Patches should be in tomorrow $8.00 each Please post for kids or parents to bring cash or check Thursday to practices. I can also bring them Saturday to the game and party to see how many kids want them Susan


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