Water Polo Suits and Merchandise

focopolo-logoIt is time to purchase Forsyth Triton Water Polo team apparel and game suits! The information for ordering apparel and suits is below. To increase the chances we will have apparel before our first game on August 12, we ask you place your orders by Thursday, August 3. Prices are based on the number of items ordered, so if we can get everyone who is interested in ordering to do so in the next few days it also will help us obtain the bulk price. Parents – don’t forget to order your own spirit wear so we can support our team from the stands!


Team Apparel

poloshirtsrenderingHere are the steps for looking at and ordering Forsyth Tritons Fall 2017 team gear, which we are purchasing through the Big Frog Printing store in Cumming:

1. Log onto www.alphashirt.com

2. In the search bar at the top of the page, type in the following code numbers included below to look at the gear – we will be using any of the black/white colors you see there as choices, with a white gear/black logo and black gear/white logo option for all gear color schemes. Once we reach 40 units per color, we get the bulk pricing figures shown below. Scroll down to the bottom of colors to see white. Please order quickly, as the sooner we reach 40 black and white pieces the sooner the costs drop to bulk pricing. If we do not reach 40 units per color, ours costs increase by 30-50% per unit across all gear types.

These are the gear choices for Fall 2017:

T-Shirts (50/50 cotton/polyester) – G800
Long Sleeve T-Shirts (50/50 cotton/polyester) – G840
Tank top (Cotton) – G220
Hoodie Pullover – G185
Hoodie Zip-Up – G186
Coaches Polo/Team Performance Polo (2-color (black/white or white/black), polyester) – M318

3. Prices will be as follows (Assumes minimum 40 unit order per color, across all gear types)
T-Shirts (50/50 cotton/polyester) – G800 – $12-14.00
Long Sleeve T-Shirts (50/50 cotton/polyester) – G840 – $14-16.00
Tank top (Cotton) – G220 – $12-14.00
Hoodie Pullover – G185 (Cotton) – $22-27.00
Hoodie Zip-Up – G186 (Cotton) – $22-27.00
Coaches Polo/Team Performance Polo (2-color, polyester) – $25-28.00

4. Call Big Frog at 770-889-3764 and place your order (please include gear choice, code number, color, and size and tell them it is under the Forsyth Water Polo account), and tell them you are part of the Forsyth Water Polo club; once they hit 40 orders per color they will process our order and have our gear produced, and the turnaround time is 6-14 days, so happy ordering! They are located next to the Gamestop by the Home Depot at Exit 14, at 1070 Market Place Boulevard Cumming 30041. They will call you when your order has arrived for pickup, and you pay when you pick up also.

5. Show your support for the team by ordering gear you can wear to games!

Game Suits


League and team rules require all girls wear regulation water polo suits and all boys wear either regulation water polo brief suits (black) or a tight-fit suit of another type.

turbo-comfort-womensFor girls, we recommend the black TURBO Women’s Comfort Water Polo Suit (worn by our girls last year). The TURBO Basic Dual Layer Women’s Water Polo Suit is another potential option. However, any solid black water polo suit is acceptable.

turbo-dual-layer-mensFor boys, the Turbo Basic Water Polo Suit (worn by our boys last year) or TURBO Dual Layer Water Polo Suit in black are good water polo suit options. Water polo suits are available from a variety of online sources, including:turbo-basic-mens

http://www.kap7.com/water-polo/ (this is the only site that appears to sell the girls TURBO Basic Dual Layer Women’s Water Polo Suit)
https://www.swimoutlet.com/ (the boys Turbo Basic Water Polo Suit is available here)


The guidance from the Georgia High School Water Polo Association on suit fit and sizing can be found in the GHSWPA Policies document which can be accessed here: http://www.gapolo.com/rules/. For your convenience the sizing information from that document is provided here:

1. The water polo swimming suit for all athletes should be characterized by conformity to suit manufacturer size and fit prescriptions and shall follow the body shape.

2. Water polo swimming suit fitting as prescribed by the manufacturer is recognized by and is acceptable to the GHSWPA League. Any question or issue with swim suit selection and fit shall be addressed by the Club/Team coach with the athlete and the parent/guardian. Among other providers, the following manufacturers provide fit instructions as reference and can be communicated to the athlete and the parent/guardian:
a. www.tyr.com/shop/sizing
b. www.turboswimwear.co.uk/turbo-size-guide/
c. www.clubassistant.com/c/3937230/file/Apparel/waterpolo-sizing-chart.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact us at forsythwp@gmail.com.

Thank You,

Forsyth Tritons Merchandise Committee

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