Team Gear Payment and Important Notes

Team Gear

The team gear order was placed with Big Frog on Saturday. We expect to have the gear by next Wednesday’s practice and payment is due to Big Frog when we pick-up the items. Attached here is a break-down of the amount owed, by family.  This includes the cost of the gear plus tax.  Please send in your payment no later than next Monday’s practice so we can pick-up the order. We will plan to distribute items at practice next Wednesday. You may bring either cash (exact amount required) or check.  Make checks out to Big Frog.  We will have someone at the table at practice this Wednesday and next Monday to collect payment.

Here’s the final cost (before tax) for each item based on bulk discount:

  • Short sleeve t-shirt: $10 (2XL is $12)
  • Long sleeve t-shirt: $15
  • Hoodie pullover: $23
  • Hoodie zip-up: $23
  • Performance polo: $25

Sports Physicals

Please remember to bring a copy of a current sports physical to practice on Wednesday. Players cannot participate in the games this weekend if they have not submitted a physical.

Roster Team “Parent”

We are looking for one or two parents for each roster team to serve as a “team parent.” The team parent could organize snacks and water for players on match days.  If you are interested in serving as a roster team parent, please e-mail


Please remember to arrive on time!  Players should be on deck ready to warm-up 30 minutes before their first scheduled match.  If you are in the first match of the day, players should arrive 1 hour early to help with pool set-up.  This is true regardless of the match location.  Players in the last match of the day will be expected to stay afterward and help put the pool back together.

We recommend getting a bottle of eye drops for your player.  Especially when they play multiple games, their eyes can become red and irritated and the drops are very helpful.

Be sure your player clips finger and toe nails before games!  Referees will be inspecting hands and toes and players will be asked to clip them before the game starts if nails are too long.  There are usually nail clippers available at the stats/clock table if they are needed.

Don’t forget there are two opportunities to participate in Table Worker Training this weekend.  There will be a training on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. More information is available in the earlier blog post titled “Action Needed Before First Game of the Season.”  You should have received a Sign-up Genius via email on Sunday.  You can sign-up to work the table using Sign-up Genius.  Remember, we have to provide 2 table workers for every game so please consider getting trained.

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  1. Hey there! We are not getting the Signup Genius emails. Who do I need to contact to get added to the distribution list?

    Thank you,
    Lori Thomas


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