Parent Meeting, Board Elections and Fall Season Plans

Forsyth Water Polo Parents,

Our Annual General Membership Parent Meeting will be on Tuesday, May 1 at 7pm at the Cumming Aquatic Center.  This is our first official Annual General Membership Meeting since becoming recognized as an official non-profit corporation registered with the State of Georgia and an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. This meeting will be held according to our official Bylaws (attached).

We have several important agenda items for this meeting.

1. We will review the current state of affairs of the club and the proposed budget for the upcoming season, and then hold a vote of the general membership to approve the budget.

2. We will review plans for the Fall Season, including the registration process.  Registration will open on May 1 so if you would like to secure your player’s spot on the team for the Fall, you can complete and submit the paperwork at the meeting.

3. We will be voting on a new Parent Board!  Because this is our first Parent Board election since incorporating, all Board positions are considered vacant. We are currently seeking nominations for all Board positions (these are described in the Bylaws and the relevant content also is pasted at the bottom of this e-mail).  Please consider self-nominating or nominating someone for a Board position!  To answer questions about serving on the Board, we will have an information table set-up in the balcony at the water polo matches this Saturday.  Please stop by and chat with us!  If you can’t make it to the pool on Saturday but would like to find out more, feel free to reach out to any current Board Member with questions (names and contact information below).  If you would like to nominate or self-nominate for a position, please let us know on Saturday or send an e-mail to Laura Bailey, nomination committee chair, by Tuesday, April 24.   

4.  We will be accepting volunteers for each of our committees. We hope that all of our parents will plan to attend the meeting on May 1st!  Even if you aren’t quite ready to get involved on the Board or to serve on a subcommittee, please come to learn more about the Club and so that your family is represented on the vote to approve the budget and to vote in the new Parent Board.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Danice Eaton – President
Laura Bailey  – Vice President
Randy Kiser – Treasurer
Lori Thomas – Secretary

Michele Murdock  – Club Administrator


Forsyth Tritons Water Polo

Board Member Roles

President: The president shall be the principal executive officer of the corporation. The president shall be subject to the control of the Board, and shall in general oversee the affairs of the corporation. The president shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the members. The president may sign, with the secretary or any other proper officer of the corporation that the Board has authorized, contracts, or other Board authorized instruments.

Vice‑President: The vice‑president shall perform the president’s duties if the president‑is absent, dies, is unable or refuses to act. If the vice‑president acts in the absence of the president, the vice‑president shall have all presidential powers and be subject to all the restrictions upon the president. (If the vice‑president is unable or refuses to act, then the secretary shall perform the presidential duties.) The vice-president shall perform any other duties that the president or Board may assign to the vice‑president. The vice-president shall serve as the corporation’s liaison to the GHSWPA and to the Cumming Aquatic Center (or other facility used by the corporation).

Secretary: The secretary shall:
(a) create and maintain one or more books for the minutes of the proceedings of the members;
(b) provide that all notices are served in accordance with these bylaws or as required by law;
(c) be custodian of the corporate records;
(d) when requested or required, authenticate any records of the corporation;
(e) keep a current register of the post office address of each director; and
(f) in general perform all duties incident to the office of secretary and any other duties that the president or the Board may assign to the secretary.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall:
(a) have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities of the corporation;
(b) receive and give receipts for moneys due and payable to the corporation from any source, and deposit all moneys in the corporation’s name in banks, trust companies, or other depositories that the Board shall select;
(c) submit the books and records to a Certified Public Accountant or other accountant for annual audit or review if directed by the Board;
(d) be responsible for paying the corporation’s bills; and
(e) in general perform all of the duties incident to the office of treasurer and any other duties that the president or Board may assign to the treasurer. If required by the Board, the treasurer shall give a bond for the faithful performance of the treasurer’s duties and as insurance against the misappropriation of funds. If a bond is required, it shall be in a sum and with the surety or sureties that the Board shall determine.

Club Administrator: The club administrator shall supervise all home events, receive parent and Athlete feedback and convey such feedback to the coaches and the Board, and communicate with parents, Athletes and coaches via email, website and otherwise as appropriate.

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