About Forsyth Water Polo


Forsyth Water Polo Club was founded in the summer of 2016 by coaches Whitney Foster and Scott Frederick as a way to bring the sport they loved to a new community. Our club is fortunate to have one of the premier facilities in the county, Cumming Aquatic Center, as our home pool.

Coaches with first Team Captains in 2016


Coach Scott Frederick


As a newer club in the GHSWPA league, we are focused on recruiting dedicated athletes and building a strong foundation for the team to build upon. Each season our new players develop skills, become stronger athletes, and cultivate a passion for the game as the season progresses.

In 2018, we fielded 4 teams: a Ladies team, and three Co-Ed teams.  Our ‘A’ team competed in Division 1, our ‘B’ team competed in Division 2, and our ‘C’ team competed in Division 3 with other new clubs and less experienced athletes. We field our most competitive teams for the State Tournaments in October. Those team are comprised of the athletes who, based on stats, should give us the best chance to win.

Our goal is to develop our athletes into intelligent players who understand the game and can contribute and bring out the best in their teammates. All athletes have opportunities to compete in game situations. Our win-loss record is not a gauge of our success as a team; our measure of success is how we compete and play the game.


  • Come to practice on time and ready to work
  • Communicate with your coaches, let us know of any absences in advance
  • Recognize the water polo is a team sport and the team result is what matters
  • Get to know every member of your team
  • Celebrate other’s achievements and support them during adversity
  • Learn about your sport, be an intelligent player
  • Control your emotions and make smart decisions
  • Have fun and enjoy your time in the water
  • Treat your coaches, teammates, officials, competitors, and volunteers with respect
  • Take pride in your team and help build a strong program for future players


  • Fall 2018 – Forsyth A placed 2nd in Division 1; Forsyth Ladies place 4th.
  • Fall 2018 – D-1 All-State: 1st Team – Seth Johnson, Mohammed Fareed; 2nd Team – Thomas Eaton, Ali Fareed; Honorable Mention – Reid Collinson; D-3 Honorable Mention – Faolan Poorvin.
  • Fall 2018 – All-State Women’s: 2nd Team – Jadyn Krupit; Honorable Mention – Joey Gross.
  • Fall 2017 – D-2 Goalie of the Year – Kyle Shudark.
  • Fall 2017 – Women’s All-State – Joey Gross, 2nd Team; Madison Kiser, 2nd Team; Caroline Murdock, Honorable Mention.
  • Fall 2017 – D-2 All-State Team – Thomas Eaton, 1st Team; Seth Johnson, 1st Team; Kyle Shudark, 1st Team; Justin Bailey, 2nd Team; Reid Collinson, 2nd Team.
  • Fall 2017 – D-3 All-State Team – Adam Kashlan, 1st Team; Michael Paul, Honorable Mention; Will Byers, Honorable Mention.
  • Fall 2017 D-2 All-Stars – Justin Bailey, Reid Collinson, Kyle Shudark, and Thomas Eaton.
  • Fall 2017 D-3 All-Stars – Ahmed Fareed, Adam Kashlan, Michael Paul, and Jake Thomas.
  • Fall 2017 Women All-Stars – Kate Eaton, Joey Gross, Madison Kiser, and Caroline Murdock.
  • Fall 2017 – D-2 Coach of the Year – Whitney Foster
  • Fall 2016 – Regular season record of 11-4-1. Placed 3rd in Division 3 tournament after beating Calhoun in 3rd place game.
  • Fall 2016 – Placed 3 players on D-3 All-State team – Justin Bailey (1st team), Thomas Eaton (2nd team), & Reid Collinson (Honorable Mention).
  • Fall 2016 D-3 All Stars – Men – Justin Bailey, Thomas Eaton, Reid Collinson, Kyle Shudark (G)
  • Fall 2016 Women All-Stars – Anna Fox and Caroline Murdock
  • Fall 2016 – D-3 Coach of the Year – Whitney Foster
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